Drama/Musical Theater Team

If Broadway-type musical productions gives you an itch you need to scratch, then get involved with our Drama/Musical Theater Team! Based on the model of live musical productions, our Drama/Musical Theater Team combines in-depth dramatic performance with choreography, costuming, singing, live music, and backstage support to produce a memorable themed live experience! Designed for advanced students in all facets of the performing arts, experienced musicians, thespians, dancers, and vocalists are encouraged
to audition directly into the Team. Novice students are required to take the appropriate developmental courses for each of their respective disciplines as a pre-requisite to this course. Be a part of putting on fantastic productions with our Drama/Musical Theater Team!

Drama/Musical Theater Team Staff

John Normandin; Curriculum Development
Isis Normandin: Executive Writer, Producer, Asst. Director, Choreographer
Claudia Lopez; Executive Director, Choreographer, Asst. Writer, Producer, Vocal Director
Michael D’Angelo; Music & Stage Crew 

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Music Ministry

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WGI / Colorgaurd

Music for ESE

Sound Engineering

Outbound Music Programs