Concert Choir

If you want to get some experience opening your voice and singing, then Concert Choir is for you! Open to male and female students of all ages, the class begins with reviewing and learning basic musical functions such as sight-reading, ear-training as well as vocalizing and repertoire work. The main goal is achieving a balanced, blended vocal sound through a variety of challenging music from the solo repertoire of many cultures, styles and historical periods. Classes are centered on numerous concepts, particularly proper vocal technique, rehearsal and practice routines, music reading skills, personal expression and teamwork. Come let your inner musical voice through with Concert Choir!

Concert Choir Staff

Claudia Lopez; Choir Director
Richard Cruz; Instructor
John Normandin; Associate Director, Curriculum Development 

Show Choir

If you love to sing and perform, then Show Choir is for you! Show Choir is designed to combine singing, mild choreography and costuming into a themed presentation of styles ranging from swing, jazz, pop, and show music. Since this is an audition-only group, students who graduate from our Concert Choir are encouraged to audition for our Show Choir. Students with prior experience either through school or church are encouraged to audition as well. Emphasis will be placed on developing appropriate vocal techniques and stage presence to create an effective overall performance. Culminating performances are a meaningful and mandatory component of this class. Students will be awarded solo opportunities as well as the enriching thrill of performing and competing. Come perform with an extremely talented group of musicians in Show Choir!

Show Choir Staff

Claudia Lopez; Choir Director, Choreographer
John Normandin; Associate Director, Curriculum Development 

Private Lessons

Looking for voice instruction outside of the group setting? Do you have personal goals you’d like to achieve through singing? Then Vocal Private Lessons are designed for you! Our private lessons are offered to male and female students from ages 5 & up, and offer one-on-one vocal instruction that would not be possible in a Choir. It allows each individual to begin or further their singing abilities, whether he or she is seeking a career or simply seeking enjoyment and relaxation. In our private lessons, students receive help and instruction in music basics, vocal technique, song repertoire, and ear training as well as any other area the student would like to work on; such as acting, choreography, or preparation for an event, competition, etc. Private lessons can be scheduled at times convenient to the student, and therefore, offer a greater flexibility of scheduling.

Students are encouraged to use the skills acquired from Vocal Private Lessons to perform in one of our Performance Ensembles, including Concert Choir, Show Choir, Jazz Big Band, Jazz Combo, Salsa Band, or Rock Ensemble. Come get the personal instruction you’ve been seeking by signing up for Vocal Private Lessons!

Vocal Private Lesson Staff

Claudia Lopez; Vocal Director
Richard Cruz; Vocal Instructor